This Chapter is expected to cover the basic Academic Philosophy of the Institution and to list the identified Programmes, targets, and various facilities.

(a) Basic Academic Philosophy of the Institution

Pursuing excellence in Teaching, Engineering and Technology.

(b)Types of Programmes

Government polytechnic Tanakpur is now ready to provide technical education in 02 fields.

  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering

(c) Identified Programmes

Name of Department



Civil Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering

(d) Phase-wise Introduction of Programmes & Intake:

Programme: Diploma

  • Civil Engineering - (Intake 25)
  • Computer Science & Engineering - (Intake 25)

(e)Target Date for Start of Academic Programmes:

w.e.f. Academic session 2016-17

(f)Central Computing facility

Computer Centre has one computer lab with 20 computers along with printer, scanner etc facility. It is spread around 100 sqm. There is also facility of A.C.

(g)Central library

The institute has library room which is spread over 50 sqm. There is a facility of 30 students intake at a time of sitting.

(h)Central Workshop:

Central workshop is of 200 sqm in area. Workshop contains so many equipment/instrument which are related to the diploma programmes. Instruments such as Power Hacksaw, Drill Machine, Power Band saw, Welding Transformer, Surface Plate, Bench Wise etc.

(i)Central Instrumentation Facility

Presently in the institute central instrumentation facility is not available, latterly we will try for this facility according to the need.

(j)Affiliating Body

Government Polytechnic Tanakpur is established by Government of Uttarakhand and affiliating body is Uttarakhand Board of Technical Education Roorkee Haridwar.

(k) Scholarships

Scholarships to eligible students belonging SC/ST/OBC categories are provided by the SOCIAL welfare Departments of Uttarakhand Government.


This Chapter is expected to give phase-wise details of the Academic Programmes /Divisions that the Proposed Institution desires to setup in consonance with its Academic Philosophy including the Objectives, Areas of Focus, Detailed Analysis of Requirements of Faculty, Building Space, Equipment, etc. for each Academic Division.

(a)Classification of Academic Divisions i.e. Departments, Centres, Schools, Central academic Facilities

Government Polytechnic Tanakpur contains two Departments.

  • Department of Civil Engineering.
  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

(b)Details of each Academic Department / Centre, like:

(i) Civil Engineering Department :

In Civil Engineering Department there are 02 faculty members. It has Civil Engineering Lab of 66 Sqm area which contains so many instruments such as surveying instruments, Electronic Total Station machine etc. Separate classroom of 66 Sqm area for Civil Engineering students under diploma programme as well as separate faculty member staff room. The total cost of Civil Engineering Instruments are approximately Rs 20 lakh.

(ii) Computer Science & Engineering Department:

In Computer Science & Engineering Department there are 02 faculty members who are well qualified according to their teaching field. This department has a computer lab of 66 Sqm area which contains 20 computers, printer, scanner etc. There is a separate classroom of 66 Sqm area for CSE students under diploma programme as well as separate faculty member staff room. The total cost of Computer Science & Engineering systems are of approximately Rs 10 lakh.


(a)Academic Values

Aimed pursuing excellence in Teaching, Engineering and Techonology.

(b)Recruitment, Strategies for Attracting and Retention of Faculty Personnel for Excellence, Promotional Avenues, Career Ladder

The recruitment of the faculty members are decided from the Government of Uttarakhand and salary of the faculty members are paid as per Government Norms.

(c) Policies for Teaching and Non-teaching Staff Development

The teaching faculties are provided the necessary instructions for their duties in the institute as well as about benefits of job. All of the faculty members gets the benefits according to the Government of Uttarakhand Norms.

(d)Permanent and Contract Services for Teaching, Non-teaching and other support Personnel

The Government Polytechnic Tanakpur has 06 permanent teaching staff, 01 Office Staff, 03 Contract teaching staff and 03 Supporting Staff.

(e)Total Quality Management

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The IQAC work to ensure quality in different activities related to academic and administration of the institute. The main focus of the institute is on quality of teaching and training.

(f)Overall Teaching and Non-teaching Staff Requirements

Till date in the institute there are 09 teaching staff and the 03 non teaching staff.


We are trying to make linkage with industries, community and technical institutions which are located in Uttarakhand.


a. Philosophy of Governance: Good Governance.

b. Board of Governors: Government of Uttarakhand.

c.Organizational Structure & Chart for day to day Operations and Management:

(i)Organizational Structure –

  • Principal
  • Head of Department
  • Lecturers
  • Instructors
  • Computer Programmer/Operator
  • Official Staff

(ii) Chart for day to day Operations –

Teaching, Training & Official Works

d. Role & Responsibilities of Key Senior Position -

(i) Principal: All institutional work as well as over all responsibilities of the Institute.

(ii) Head of Department : Overall responsibilities of the concerning department regarding teaching & training etc.

(iii) Lecturers: Teaching & Training etc.

e. Methods/Styles of Administration/Managements –

As per the Government & Directorate of Technical Education Uttarakhand norms the Administration works are fulfilled.